Jan 19 Update

January 19, 2021

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Friday, Jan 22- Student spirit day: Kaleidoscope colours, students are encouraged to try to wear as many different colours of clothing as possible

Friday, Jan 22: Deadline to submit switch form for change of delivery models for students on March 1

Friday, Feb 5 - PA Day, no school for students

Monday, Feb 8 - Student Census

Model Delivery Change

A reminder for parent(s)/guardian(s) wishing to change their child to in-person learning starting on March 1 for the remainder of the school year. The deadline to submit your request is Friday, Jan. 22 at 11:59 p.m. Parents wishing to remain in Virtual School East should not complete this form.


Student “Graduations”

Students who are in their final grade of their homeschool and moving (graduating Gr 5, 6, 8, etc) to a new school next year should be included in their homeschool plans for the “graduating” class. The Virtual Schools are not planning a separate send off for students. Parent(s)/guardian(s) should hear from their homeschool as the year progresses to learn of any end of year plans for students.

Class Survey

Hello VSE families! My name is Ms. Wilson and I am a grade 8 teacher at the school. My students have been working on researching a local water issue, deciding on an action they want to take, and are working to track the impact of that action. The final piece of the project is to create a 4 minute documentary film about the whole thing.

Please help me in supporting my students by filling out the following survey. It will just take a few seconds to complete.

Thank you so much for your time and supporting these amazing students!

-Ms. Wilson

Student Census

The VSE will be completing our student census with Grade 4 - 8 students on Monday, February 8. Teachers will be providing time on Feb 8 for students in Gr 4 - 8 to complete the survey. There may be specific students in Gr 4 -8 that may need adult assistance. The School District is asking parent(s)/guardian(s) of students in JK-3 to complete the survey on behalf of their child(ren). For more information:


Administrative Team

Prior to the Dec break, we were pleased to have Ken Shyminsky join VSE as an additional Vice-Principal. As a result, we have shifted some of our administrative responsibilities. See below for contact information along with areas of responsibilities should you need to contact the school office.

General school inquires: veevs@hdsb.ca

School Office Senior Secretary: Lisa Graham, grahamli@hdsb.ca

Principal: Andrew Kaiser, kaisera@hdsb.ca

English Grades:

JK/SK: Deborah Van Hees, vanheesd@hdsb.ca

Grade 1: Ken Shyminsky, shyminskyk@hdsb.ca

Grade 2: Nancy Lord, lordn@hdsb.ca

Grade 3: Nancy Lord, lordn@hdsb.ca

Grade 4: Shelley Gauthier, gauthiers@hdsb.ca

Grade 5: Shelley Gauthier, gauthiers@hdsb.ca

Grade 6: Ken Shyminsky, shyminskyk@hdsb.ca

Grade 7: Robert Stenekes, stenekesro@hdsb.ca

Grade 8: Robert Stenekes, stenekesro@hdsb.ca

French Immersion Grades 2-8: Cheryl Hayles, haylesc@hdsb.ca

Core French: Nancy Lord, lordn@hdsb.ca

Music: Robert Stenekes, stenekesro@hdsb.ca

English Planning Roles: Shelley Gauthier, gauthiers@hdsb.ca

Education Assistant Related: Ken Shyminsky, shyminskyk@hdsb.ca