June 23 - End of School Year

June 23, 2021

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

As we approach the end of the school year and our virtual school, see below for some important information.

I’ll have some final words to close out our virtual school and journey together next week.


Mr. Kaiser


Virtual School Elementary - East

Last 2 Days of School - Mon. June 28, Tue. June 29

Friday, June 25 - Last full day of typical virtual school with synchronous (real time) learning with teacher/DECE and class together.

Monday, June 28 - Students start school at 8:45 am with the teacher. The classroom teacher/DECE will provide instructions for asynchronous activities to be completed independent of the teacher for Monday and Tuesday. Students will not be with their teacher or DECE afterwards unless arranged by the educator in advance.

Tuesday, June 29 - Students continue to work independent of the teacher. Classroom teacher/DECE will meet with the class one final time prior to the end of the school day. The teacher will let students/parents know the time in advance and will occur no later than 1:00 pm.

Tuesday is an early dismissal day and school ends at 1:35 pm

Term 2 Final Report Cards

Friday, June 25 - Parents will receive via email the Term 2 final report card (Gr 1 - 8) or FDK Communication of Learning for your child(ren) in VEE. We are looking at sending them out to parents/guardians earlier in the day to get ahead of the rush. You will need your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) to retrieve the report card which can be located from any previous report card.

Monday, June 28 - If you haven’t been able to download the report card, we’ll be sending out an email to complete a request form for assistance. Please do not email the school directly for assistance. Continue to attempt to download over the weekend prior to requesting help.

Teachers have worked hard to create accurate and complete report cards to the best of their ability based on your child’s learning this term. In some cases, teachers may not have had enough data to fairly evaluate your child’s learning in a particular subject area. Teachers rely on data such as observations, conversations, projects, daily work, quizzes, tests, etc to make professional judgements on grading.

We recognize that virtual learning may have presented significant challenges for students and families. In situations where teachers were unable to accurately determine a grade, a student will receive an “I” grade for “Insufficient evidence to assign a letter grade” and/or “N” in Learning Skills denoting “No data available to evaluate and comment on learning skills”.

Alternative Reports - Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

For students who will be receiving an alternative report card or additional report connected to an IEP, parents will receive this in the mail via Canada Post sometime after June 28th.

Return of Borrowed Chromebooks/Computers

Home schools should be contacting families directly about the process to return borrowed technology prior to the start of the summer holiday. Students participating in an HDSB summer program and/or continuing in Remote Learning in September, or who have prescribed assistive technology are permitted to keep the technology over the summer. Please ensure it is kept safe from accidental damage.

Graduation Celebrations

A reminder that students graduating Grade 8 or from their home school as the last grade in the school should have been included in their home school celebrations. The virtual schools are not providing separate and/or additional ceremonies. Please contact your home school if you need additional information.

VEE Spirit Wear

This is the last chance to order any spirit wear from VEE. The online store closes on Thursday, June 24. All orders are shipped directly to homes. There is free shipping for orders over $75. Use code VEEFREESHIP at checkout.