Oct 8 - School Reorg

October 8, 2020

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Thank you for your ongoing support for a successful start to our Virtual School in the East.

As teachers and students have settled into their new routines, we continue to iron out a few outstanding issues related to technology.

You should have received notice about completing the Student Verification forms electronically, please ensure they are completed by Oct 12. If you need any assistance completing them, please contact the school at 905-631-1599, ext 271.

A reminder that if you wish your child to switch to in-person learning at a physical school, there will be a switch form coming out parent(s)/guardian(s) on Oct 19 to be completed by Oct 27th. If you wish for your child(ren) to remain in the Virtual School, no action is required.

At this time of the school year, all schools need to undergo a potential reorganization of classes in order to meet Ministry class sizes along with any possible teacher changes. We will need to be making some changes to classes as described below:

A new Grade 2 and 3 (split) class will be added, a number of students in Grade 2 and 3 will be moved into the new class

Our English 45-1 class with Mr. Welch is being removed, all those students will placed across other Grade 4 and 5 classes, Mr. Welch will be moving to a new class or assignment

Our Grade 7 teachers, Ms. Shupe-Joudrie (7-7), and Mr. Ibrahim (7-3) are returning back to their physical schools and those classes will be getting new teachers

We are receiving 2 teachers from physical schools that will require additional teacher changes

Any FDK class with more than 29 students will have students moved to other classes

Any Grade 1-3 class with more than 20 students may have students moved to other classes

I recognize any class change creates additional stress for students and families, unfortunately, we won’t be able to accommodate any requests for moving or not moving students. If it is not possible to move a student to another class with students from the same school, we will try to select students who were generally added to a class after school started. However, in some cases, this may not be possible either.

Any child who is selected to change class, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive an email to notify you about the change. All class changes will be completed by Tuesday, Oct 13 with new classes beginning on Wednesday, Oct 14th.


Mr. Kaiser


Virtual School Elementary - East